16 November, 2008

A Distant Island

A Distant Island A Distant Island by Nancy Cato

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A little history of Tasmania flora & fauna in Tasmania the Royal Botanic Gardens & about the descendants of the characters today a very good story from a classic Australian writer.

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16 August, 2008

Back from USA via Taipei

Well were home after our trip state side met great people blown away from the sites up the west coast to Seattle unreal trip you have to do it. we looked in on some great bookshops more about them latter.

02 May, 2008

my reading list

Tent Boxing: Wayne McLennan
From the first page I had to read this. A story about a Novocastrian boy & an ex boxer to boot, who traveled all over the world. But he wanted to come back to the Australia of his past, "you know all those things that never can be the same."

So he joined a boxing troupe that traveled from central N.S.W. to F N Q that's Far North Queensland.

With a group of misfits, murri's & maori's. But basically people that don't fit in the system and lots of booze, yanni that's maryjane All the fun, fights, sadness, history of a better or just an older way of life.

All in all a good story I recommend it.


The Old Fellow's War: Edmond Nyst

This is the true story of a Dutch boy who was born in France and ended up a fair dinkum Aussie in Brisbane Australia. He was in France when the war started. He was twelve years old. He helped his father hide Jewish refugees in the mountains around Marseilles.

Having been denounced for his anti-Nazi activities, his father sent him and his two younger brothers away to the centre of France for security. There, in March 1943 at the age of sixteen, he joined the Maquis, the fighting force of the French Resistance. During his service in the Maquis he witnessed many German atrocities. He visited Oradour–sur-Glane only days after the Germans had executed every man woman and child in the town and sat fire to the place.

From there Edmund travelled to New Guinea and Timor, completed his officer training in Australia and worked for the zoo catching wild animals. Edmund then became a Barrister of the Supreme Court of Queensland and the High Court of Australia and settled in Brisbane.

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29 April, 2008

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