12 May, 2009

The Colour Purple by Alice walker

The Colour Purple, 

by Alice walker

Wow! Months after reading this book and I am still blown away...

Not only is this story an incredibly realistic take of life for African Americans years ago in the deep South,

It is surprisingly,(for me anyway) a really good story. I honestly walked away smiling to myself over

The main character Celie and her life. Her struggles were, at times, mortifying and the most unfortunate of circumstances.

She became an unlikely heroine, turning everything on it’s head,( and left me feeling liberated as though I had shared this journey of self discovery too),

through the most simplest of means available to her. I have passed on this book to so many and would recommend it to any.

One of this stories hidden gems is the style in which its written.

Thanks Laura M 


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